Company Profile

Shenzhen Gwin Electronics Co. Ltd. was established in 2005,with a registered capital of 20 million.It is engaged in mobile phones & tablets and other mobile terminal products development,integration,customization,product sales and service of modern high-tech enterprises.Since its inception,our company is always abiding by the operating principles of "Quality first, Continuous innovation",our goal is to meet customer needs,the innovative scientific and technological talents are the fundamental pillar of our R & D, we provide the innovative & customized products and services for global customers,and help customers achieve sustained profitability and success,to build a vast free communication future.

Our company has more than 150 professional and technical R & D team, our R & D work covers software & hardware development, PCBA, mechanical & industrial design, testing and others. We have an independent assembly plant, which has eight production lines,more than 500 employees, 350,000 units per month. So far, we have mastered mobile products R & D design and manufacturing technology, we have accumulated much more experiences of mobile  products design & development & production in protocols software,the underlying driver, applications software, data services, MMI software, RF circuit, baseband circuit, ID design,MD design,etc., we have the domestic first-class R &D and manufacturing capabilities.

We are always developing and manufacturing new products, with good quality & effective costs & services.Our products cover 10 series and over 150 models; Our clients cover dozens of countries and regions in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East and so on.We have established and maintained a long-term partnerships with many foreign operators and distributors, and began to enter the high-end markets in the developed countries, e.g. Europe and America markets.

We will be based in China, look forward to the world!

Our company strategy is “The professional science and technology talents will be the cornerstone for our company continuous development and improvement;Products innovation and differentiation will be our basis;More international markets will be our focus.”. We are willing to accept all kinds of challenges, create more value and success for our customers, and try to become an excellent enterprises of mobile terminal products.

Our company has being recruited many scientific and technological talents and management personnel,she has a professional management team, we have established an effective modern management mechanism,improved the talents reserve and construction.We will be committed to mobile communications development & production & sales.

Our company has established a complete marketing system, with strong market competitiveness,we will use the company's current market network and key customers groups, lead the products marketing and sales, make full use of our company' supporting advantages, enhance the market competitiveness of our products, Our companies is always focusing on technological innovation and management innovation, continuously improving innovation abilities, enhancing the core competitiveness, expanding the scale and efficiency. We are committed to building China's first-class mobile terminal products development and manufacturing base.